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Adjustable Venturi Mask---H0401
  • Model: H0401
  • Certification: CE, FDA


    Adjustable Venturi Mask

    Made of medical grade PVC

    Adjustable nose clip

    Available with 7" anti-crush tubing

    Oxygen concentration: blue 24%, yellow 28%,white 31%,green 35%, pink 40%, orange 50%,and red 60%

    DEPH free and 100% latex free

    Two colors: green or transparent


    Six diluter        Seven diluter

    H0401             H0471                   Adult Elongated (XL)

    H0402             H0472                   Adult standard (L)

    H0403             H0473                   Pediatric Elongated (M)

    H0404             H0474                   Pediatric Standard (S)