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Pulse oximeter--PO1
  • Model: PO-1
  • Certification: CE

Product Detail


    Integrated with SpO2 probe and processing display module.

    Small in volume,light in weight and convenient in carrying.

    Operation of the product is simple ,low power consumption.

    SPO2 value display:pulse rate value display, bar graph display.

    Low-voltage indication Power off function within 5 seconds if the finger falls out of probe.

    Specification :

    Work theory: light sensor technology

    Product size:58 x 32 x 33.2mm

    Net weight: 49.5g

    Material: ABS plastic material

    Power supply:alkaline battery

    Oxygen saturation:35% to 100%

    Pulse rate: 25bpm to 250bpm

    Resolution: 1% oxygen staturation,1bpm

    pulse rate Precision:Oxygen staturation(+/-2%);Pulse rate(+/-2bpm)

    Screen type: LED or OLED

    Certificate: CE,ROHS